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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Warrior - ||

continued from Warrior - |

life leads us through roads we never wished to be on.. we reminisce our loss as we walk ahead.. somethings we forget, somethings we are never allowed to forget..
- the past is never easy to leave behind for the warrior. But he still needs to carry on..

no choice he had
but to lay down his arms..
his hands trembled,
his blade couldn't slay his demons..

it's been long since he gave up the struggle
but the blood still trickles..
his loss, far greater than what he had imagined,
the flow of memories keeps his wounds afresh..

his own happiness and dreams,
paid as price for that of his own ones..
the hole in his heart constantly reminding him of the reality,
being selfless is not that easy..

"nothing can bring back what is lost",
echoes a voice within him..
"but what is lost, will never be forgotten!",
he tries to pull back his strength..

he still smells his dreams lingering in the air..
a hope still resides within his bruised heart,
"If I give today, then someday, in some manner, in some form, I will again find"
for nothing to begin with, was ever mine..

he spits out the sour blood of lies,
breathing in the fire of truth that burns through his lungs..
what others wanted, will never be his will..
the grip of his fists, further tightens..

every now and then he looks up to the gods
awaiting his after life..
to redeem his loss,
to begin where he left off..

and so with a sore heart
with callousness in his eyes,
he tends to the remains of his life,
slowly with resoluteness, the warrior treads on..


  1. Very true, its difficult to forget all the painful memories and move ahead in life. And being selfless is definitely not so easy for anyone and even for a true warrior. Also a warrior never looses his hope for the better tomorrow and prays God each day with that hope. Amazing part II of your writings on warrior.

    1. thnk u so much Elvirah.. may d warrior in us believe in a better tomorrow.. god bless :)

  2. This is really beautiful. I enjoyed reading your blog posts :)

  3. Powerful stuff... thanks so much for sharing this.

  4. Uplifting and encouraging stuff....

    Go on Warrior.. :)

  5. Sorry i was away so i'm late :(
    A very strong and definitely uplifting post :) Being a warrior takes courage. You wrote it all well.

    Thank you for the award :) *smiles big*

  6. Gr8 stuff!! Very encouraging and positive. :)

  7. thnx ria.. may d positive outlook continue.. :)

  8. Yup messy hair can look really good :D
    Thank you for reading :)

  9. Like I said, hope. This poem also adds the element of wait. Strangely both hope and wait are connected. Profound work, love both the poems.

  10. We must never lose hope of a better tomorrow.. Thanks so much Saru!!