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Wednesday, 8 February 2012


बिछा तो देती हैं पर्दा ये जुबान लफ्जों पर तेरे,
पर छुपा ना पाती आँखें वो ऱाज तेरा.

शीशे सी सच्चाई, छलकती साफ़ पानी सी नज़रों से,
बतला रही हैं हाल तेरा.

कितने दिनों बाद खिली हैं ख़ुशी इनमें..
कितने दिनों बाद जीने की उम्मीद फिर हैं जगी दिलमें..

कुछ ना मैं बोलू, बस तुझको यूही देखता रहू,
आज तू भी तो हल्का कर ले ये दिल तेरा..

छुपा ना अपनी चाहत को आँखों के पीछे ,  
आज बेहजाने दे इन आसुओं को..

भुलादे सारे बन्धनों को,
आज खोल दे तू बाहे तेरी..

सिमटकर मुझमें, बना ले तेरा मुझे ,
हसरतें तेरी आज  तू भी तो कर ले पूरी!!


  1. Replies
    1. thnk u so much chints..
      ur appreciation is a great inspiration :)

  2. I had to take it slow to understand :P Yea, I'm that bad when it comes to reading hindi :D
    It left me smiling. The words..(though hard to understand) were lovely. You are an amazing writing and your work is just beautiful :)

    1. i used to suck at hindi in school.. after so long in life, iv got this liking for hindi n for poetry..
      thnx so much for ur sweet words philo :) shukriya.. :)

    2. Dhanyawad :D
      I like reading hindi poetry. The feel is totally different :)

  3. There is a saying that "Eyes speak a lot than words", and its very much true. Indeed we try to hide so many beautiful emotions in our heart frightened by many intimidating things, but our eyes cannot do the same. Your work of poetry in Hindi is absolutely phenomenal and i liked the way you have tried to described the whole thing about eyes and words in our fascinating Hindi language.

    शीशे सी सच्चाई, छलकती साफ़ पानी सी नज़रों से तेरे,
    बतला रही हैं जो हैं हाल तेरा. - How fantastically you have thought about these lines and tried to portray here! I must say its an amazing work by you.

  4. thanx so much Elvirah.. there's a new realisation in every corner of life.. n being able to understand and express these emotions thru poetry is sumthing new for me too..
    thank you so much for such lovely words :) really appreciate it.. :)

  5. What beautiful poem. Absolutely loved it! Feelings in a flow. :)

    1. Thank you so much Akriti :) feel happy wid ur feedback :)

  6. Beautiful work...Sorry for a late comment. I liked the last couple of lines a lot...

    Keep writing more, hindi poems are more charming...:)

    1. yes ur rite Saru.. thers more depth n sweetness,, n charm i feel..

      thnx so much :)
      i read ur lovely poem n sumhow i felt d feelings r a lil similar.. so i wanted yu to read this..

  7. I love this one
    There's nothing quite as beautiful as the freedom to express
    Keep weaving the magic with words :)