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Falling freely through seas of emptiness. Tossing, turning, drifting, lifeless. At the speed of light. Lost all count of time. Seeping thro...

Saturday, 26 May 2012


The scorching fires seem to have flickered
a wind blows from the west giving hope to the thirsty lands
A winged soul carries a message as it soars towards the sun god
Gaya looks up helplessly. Her parched eyes tell of their tale of sufferings.
Her wait has been far too long.
"But there's yet hope for you!" says a voice in the heavens.
"For a change is headed your way.."!

             Pure layers of white cottons spread across the skies
giving hope of resuscitation to the withering life.
The clouds sway and wreathe as in to make tidings of what is to come.
The rule of the mighty fire lord will soon come to pass.
A behemoth power now approaches. A crack of thunder heard in the heavens shakes up what lies beneath.
Zeus looks down upon his earth. He takes pity of what has become of his own flesh.
"Fear not!" says a mighty cry. A siren is sounded not so far away,
 "For a change is now headed yor way..!"

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Wandering Again..

Constant Wandering
Continuous Pondering

Questions Unanswered
Directions Unexplored

Familiar Faces
Searching Traces

Thoughts Astray
Deeds Immature

Blazing Ignorances
Man's Imperfections

Seeking Glory
Winding Journey

Material Desires
Blinding Fires

Inner Battles
Mighty Hurdles

Greatest Quest
Self Conquest

Life's Purpose
Path Mysterious

Life Illusional
Soul Eternal

God's Kingdom
Universal Creation..


Slowly Evolving

Ever Wandering..