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Thursday, 20 September 2012

not the same..

We're similar but not the same,
It's the thoughts that match and the feelings that prevail..
It's the hearts that connect but the minds that pull away..
Yes we're similar but yet not the same.

We're quite different but not that diverse,
We want the same things from life, but we have our own ways..
Our paths may seem to have intertwined, but our journeys lead us on separate lanes..
Yes we're similar but yet not the same.

You touch my heart in  more than many ways,
You seem to be my reflection, but only till the water stays still, till there's no movement in the lake..
Not everything about you excites me, but something within you instills life within me again..
Yes we're similar but yet not the same.

You're not a part of my daily chores,
You're no where around in this commotion that soars..
But I yet look up to you to guide me, cuz your light yet shines, so what even if you're a  million miles away..

Now I seem to have realised, just cuz we seemed so similar, we really didn't need to be together 
Our roles in each others lives were for a purpose of growth.
And the lessons have been learnt.
So we'll go on from here a lil wiser n may be a lil sore
The sun may light up your world,
but it's the moon light that actually caresses through my soul..

And even though we're quite similar, we're still not the same...

Monday, 17 September 2012

सूनी - सूनी सी हैं

सूनी - सूनी सी हैं

रिम - झिम,  बरसे ये रैना
कैसे, कहू जो हैं केहना?

झूमें रे मन मेरा, भागे रे हर दिशा,
संभल पाऊ ना. ये क्या मुझे हुआ?

पास तू इतना, फिर भी तू क्यु जुदा?
आँखें बंद कर लू, पा-लू तुझे सदा.......

खोया - खोया रहू, लागे ना दिल मेरा
तेरे संघ ही ग़ाऊ हर इक गीत नया 

ख़्वाबों में तो मिलता हू, रोज़ ही हैं दीदार तेरा ,
पर इन बाहों को तो हैं इंतज़ार तेरा
सूनी - सूनी सी हैं
भीगी - भीगी सी हैं
ये सारी - सारी  रातें

जुडी - मुड़ी सी हैं
सिलगी - बुझी सी हैं
तेरे - मेरे दिलों की तारें

मिल - जाओ

लग जाओ गले

खो - जाओ

हो जाए हम एक ..