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Falling freely through seas of emptiness. Tossing, turning, drifting, lifeless. At the speed of light. Lost all count of time. Seeping thro...

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Another leaf in the book of soulmateship

From the highest high to the lowest low
A push of fate n the roller coaster let go
From the greatest joys to the saddest sorrrows
A leap of faith and we dived into the unknown
Got our adrenaline pumpin
Our heartbeats raced outta control
We touched the stars
And even basked in the after glow
In many a dreams we met, even before we came face to face
We had already known each other, even before spoke and shared our name
It just took a glimpse and the connection was made
It just took a moment and the bond could never break
A touch of one another, and our bodies sizzled
Lightning had struck us, even without a drizzle
Caught unaware, we least expected
Our dormant emotions, had suddenly erupted
And with time, we saw the signs
When we looked up, even the stars aligned
Then out of nowhere, appeared the fireflies
Lighting up the darkness, even the omens seemed just right
So to each other we gave our hearts
And in our instincts, we laid our trust
On the rocks by the ocean, we made our promises
And we set out, in our boat of hope and a sail of faith

Words bridged our two worlds
Syncronicities filled the void within our souls
There was no looking back
There was no one to ask
What was between us
No one could ever understand
And we crossed all the limits
we broke all the rules
We flew over the clouds
we stepped on the moon
The oceans and the winds
The trees and the mountains
Stood testimony to the purity that bloomed
Never to be forgotten
Never to be erased
Imprinted within the sands of time
Our memories will always remain

Another leaf in the books of soulmateship