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Falling freely through seas of emptiness. Tossing, turning, drifting, lifeless. At the speed of light. Lost all count of time. Seeping thro...

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


It's not what you show,
But it's what can't be hidden inside you anymore..

It's not about how different you feel,
But it's about the unity of your souls..

It's not about giving it all up,
But it's about realising all the dreams you got..

It's not what can be told,
But it's what is felt deep within,
It's what moves this whole world..
Purity, Divinity, Oneness
- Love..

Monday, 19 September 2011

We are One

For long we've been blinded.
From the truth staring us in the face everyday.
It's all around us,
but we've blatantly chosen to ignore it.
Our heart senses it,
but we're deafened by the noises of our earthly desires..

Once we free our minds of perceptions,
Once we open our selves to possibilities,
We would be touched by the light of truth..
N then we would see it..

We are one..

The endless skies and the vast blue seas..
The vanilla clouds and the froth whipped waves..
The mystic heavens and the ethereal mountains..
The spiraling galaxies and the winding rivers..
The life giving sun and the life supporting  earth..

We preached them long before,
We believed their powers could cure.
We seeked their guidance all along,
They lead us to our evolution.

We are one..

Born from the same particles that created our world,
Attached to the same strings that hold the cosmos..

We are one..

Friday, 16 September 2011

Kya Jiya?

Iss zindagi ko zara sa paagal ban ke na jiya,
Toh iss zindagi ki mithaas ko, kya tu chakh paya?

In saason ko samett kar, dil ki aawazon ko na suna..
Toh iss dhadakte dil ki, kya tu wajah samajh paya?

Apne hosh kho kar, kisi ko na chaha bekhudi ki hadon tak..
Toh pyar paa-kar bhi, kya tu khushi ko paa-paaya?

Faila ke pankhon ko na uda is aasmaan ki unchaaeeyon mein?
Toh udkar bhi, kya tu ek panchee kehlaya??

Karo woh,
jo dil kahe..

Jiyo aisey,
jaisey mann karein..

Hai jab itne armaan,
toh kyu socho tum, kya kahenge log har baar?

Jiyo pehle apne liye,
Thoda hosh mein, thoda hosh kho ke...

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


The battle may be lost,
but his heart still beats..
The wounds are grave,
but his courage soon heals..

When life gets him down,
he holds on to his beliefs..
He knows its a long struggle,
so he fights till he's back on his feet..

And when the dark clouds surround him,
he stares into the lightning.
The pouring rain, the thundering and storms
they fail to stop him, his will grows strong..

His dreams were part of his reality,
so close to his heart, filled with purity..
A part of him dies within, 
being selfless is not easy..

His shoulders hunch 
under the weight of responsibilities,
He lets go his dreams for the greater good,
for the love of his family..

He knows this ain't the end of it all,
his deeds will bring happiness for all..
So he smiles, even in face of adversity,
Cause beyond his pains lies his victory..

And the warrior goes on,
his eyes filled with tears..
With his heart shredded,
his fight's not yet ended..

Monday, 12 September 2011

Keep the hope alive

If change is the only constant,
we could always find a new way..

If we just held on to our faith,
We would see the light of a better day..

If we saw this world with a new perspective,
This life would be even more addictive..

Always keep the flames of hope alive,
Cause, as hard as it may seem,
That even in deserts, there exists life :)

Sunday, 11 September 2011

filmo mein basi zindagi

Dekhta hu jab khud ko kareeb se,
toh lagta hai zindagi filmo mein hai basi..

Khwaab ye dekhti, gaano me jhoomti,
Khud-ko picture ka hero bhi hai yeh samajhti..

Badi rangeen lagey ye duniya yaha se,
har pal hai iska kitna haseen..

Thaam ke baitha rahu main apna yeh seat,
Chu jo jaata hai is zindagi ka
har ek scene... :) :)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

May be someday,,,

Standing on the edge, I stare into a future filled with endless uncertainty.
Drawing me closer, it's hard to fight this force of gravity.

Blinded from what lies beneath, I hear the call of destiny.
I take a dive deep within myself, searching for further clarity.

I try to realise what I truly seek, what lies out there.
But the deeper I delve, I begin to realise I am my own worst nightmare..

Enchained by my own thoughts and beliefs, I struggle to take my step,
My courage shrinks to nothing as I  grow sceptic of the road ahead..

May be there is more to learn, more to understand where my truth really lies,
There definitely is a hope, one day I will again be able to rise
May be someday...
May be someday...

Thursday, 8 September 2011


The sun shines not only for me,
Bright golden rays calling out to thee..

There's more to live for,
than worth dying..

All you need is a spark,
Someday, i'm sure,
you will find :)