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Friday, 20 May 2016


As we complete four n' a half years for our arranged marriage, a few lines to describe what the journey so far has been like... 

No sparks ever flew.
Neither did the heart skip a beat.
She was just a few steps away.
And our eyes didn't even meet.

A glance from the corner of my eyes.
And I caught her sight.
She din't seem to bother.
May be I was not her type.

Not a word spoken,
till we had to.
Exchanged numbers,
and said I'd call you too.

Nothing dramatic,
nothing out of the blue.
It's been six years,
Since the day I met u.

Not opposites, not even the same.
Still we're both crazy, in our own ways.

You're the brains and I'm the muscle.
Break the chains. Here we hustle.

Restless hearts, reckless minds.
Set on uncharted waters.

Don't know what we'll find?
Intermittent explosions of mayhem and serendipity.
A lil' sour, a lil' bitter, the margarita's bound to be trippy :)

Every now, and then,
I think what might have been?
If you hadn't stepped in?

I'd still be yearning..
I'd still be wandering..
In search of a place, where I belong.
In quest of a spark, to light up my world!