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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Warrior - ||

continued from Warrior - |

life leads us through roads we never wished to be on.. we reminisce our loss as we walk ahead.. somethings we forget, somethings we are never allowed to forget..
- the past is never easy to leave behind for the warrior. But he still needs to carry on..

no choice he had
but to lay down his arms..
his hands trembled,
his blade couldn't slay his demons..

it's been long since he gave up the struggle
but the blood still trickles..
his loss, far greater than what he had imagined,
the flow of memories keeps his wounds afresh..

his own happiness and dreams,
paid as price for that of his own ones..
the hole in his heart constantly reminding him of the reality,
being selfless is not that easy..

"nothing can bring back what is lost",
echoes a voice within him..
"but what is lost, will never be forgotten!",
he tries to pull back his strength..

he still smells his dreams lingering in the air..
a hope still resides within his bruised heart,
"If I give today, then someday, in some manner, in some form, I will again find"
for nothing to begin with, was ever mine..

he spits out the sour blood of lies,
breathing in the fire of truth that burns through his lungs..
what others wanted, will never be his will..
the grip of his fists, further tightens..

every now and then he looks up to the gods
awaiting his after life..
to redeem his loss,
to begin where he left off..

and so with a sore heart
with callousness in his eyes,
he tends to the remains of his life,
slowly with resoluteness, the warrior treads on..

Warrior - |

our life is a battle ground where we are continuously fighting situations that keep coming up at every step.. 
sometimes we succeed, and some battles we lose.. so many factors affect our decision making.. 
some decisions are such, that change our lives forever.. but the journey doesn't end here..
- giving birth to a warrior within us..

The battle may be lost,

but his heart still beats..
The wounds are grave,
but his courage soon heals..

When life gets him down,
he holds on to his beliefs..
He knows its a long struggle,
so he fights till he's back on his feet..

And when the dark clouds surround him,
he stares into the lightning.
The pouring rain, the thundering and storms
they fail to stop him, his will grows strong..

His dreams were part of his reality,
so close to his heart, filled with purity..
A part of him dies within, 
being selfless is not easy..

His shoulders hunch 
under the weight of responsibilities,
He lets go his dreams for the greater good,
for the love of his family..

He knows this ain't the end of it all,
his sacrifices will bring happiness for all..
So he smiles, even in face of adversity,
Cause beyond his pains lies his victory..

And the warrior goes on,
his eyes filled with tears..
With his heart shredded,
his fight's not yet ended..

- followed by Warrior ||

Monday, 30 January 2012


Boy! does this appreciation make me feel high or what!! 
By giving me this award my friend "(musical notes) philo (musical notes)" [http://staryeyedandscreeming.blogspot.com/] has given my writing some meaning and given me a sense of belonging to this blogging space..thanks so much philo!

M just here sharing my views on this life as i see it.. Enjoying it as I go.. Hope that you enjoy it too..

The following are the Rules for the awardee:

1. Post the award on your blog with the rules
2. List three things you would change if you were the overlord
3. List the blogs you're awarding and leave them a message :)

If I were the Overlord..

* I would make sure that everyone had the powers of SUPERMAN
its not just his strength & powers that     make him a hero. It's his will & heart that pushes him to do good and  be selfless that makes him SUPERMAN. Within every heart exists some kind of love and caring.. This love and care doesn't get used to its true potential. If everyone loved and cared for everyone else the way 
  superman does, we all would succeed in becoming the strongest and happiest superbeings just like 

* Food & Music would be easily and freely available..

* Everyone would learn how to dance(especially the tango) and sing (any song but - kolaveri chiiiii)..

Now, I'll be passing on this award to a couple of bloggers I have recently come across and who are worth checking out :) 

Since I hav very few friends here, my list is quite small..

* Michelle P. http://waveofsoul.blogspot.com  
A soulful writer with beautiful poems.. her blog's an insite into nature, hope and all things beautiful and true.. She's been silent for quite some time, but the spark she gave already turned into a flame.. thank you mich :)

* Chints  http://chintangupta.blogspot.com 
The Blunt Blogger, capable of taking us through various scenarios in a thrilling or light & entertaining manner.. Her writing seems to get even more griping with every post.. Also has a knack for capturing some beautiful stills.. Her poems too put a smile on our faces..
Keep going chints!

* (musical notes) philo (musical notes)  http://staryeyedandscreeming.blogspot.com
it's like reading a romantic novel or actually lying down with your lover.. philo writes the most beautiful romantic pieces i've come across which sometimes end with a twist.. like it tat way!

* Daisy Luv & Light www.luvandlight.blogspot.com
Inspiration flows from her blog.. I look up to her blogs for my daily dose :) She's always looking for a positive approach in d dimmest of  situations.. Thanks Dina.. keep showin us the way.. Let the luv & light flow!! 

* Tracie http://tracielouisephotography.blogspot.com
Her photography is enough to inspire you.. She also tells us how to get thru the ways of this life.. very inspiring Tracie.. keep going :)

* Saru http://sarusinghal.blogspot.com/
Some very beautiful poems I stumbled upon at your blog Saru.. Looking forward for more.. :)

* Kunal http://fromdevilsworkshop.blogspot.com/
If you wanna c what beautiful pain looks like,, you should go thru his poems some time..
let it flow kunal..!!

* Blasphemous Aesthete http://aestheticblasphemy.blogspot.com/ 
Hard hitting action filled words that make your read zippy and hell-right entertaining.. Truly admire your writing ! :)

After reading this you people need to keep the flow of the OVERLORDs going..


The following are the Rules for the awardee:

1. Post the award on your blog with the rules
2. List three things you would change if you were the overlord
3. List the blogs you're awarding and leave them a message :)

Cheers!! :) 

Saturday, 28 January 2012


बदलते हैं ये मौसम जैसे
ये हवाएं भी गुज़रती हैं वैसे

हर हालत में ये बढ़ती जाती,
हमें कितना कुछ ये हवाएं हैं सिखलाती.. 

रूप ये बदलती,
कभी हैं आंधी, कभी ये टेहेलती..

चट्टानोंसे भी ये लड़-लड़ाती 
ये ज़मीन भी कभी इससे कप-कपाती.. 

तूफानोसा भी हैं एक चेहरा इसका,
हमारे जीवन को सहलाना भी हैं एक काम इसका..

ना रोक सकता हैं कोई इसको,
अपना रुख जो ये खुद बनाती..

रुकना ना तू भी इक पल के लिए,
अब तू भी इन हवाओं-सा,
आज़ाद उड़ ले...

हर पल में हल-चल तू भी कर ले
अब तू भी तो इन हवाओं-सा,
खुल के जी ले..
inspired by a poem by my friend - d blunt blogger :)
thnx chints.. :)


Thursday, 26 January 2012

अन-सुनी कहानी

सोच के तुझको
कुछ देर मैं दिल के अँधेरे में झाँक लेता हूँ .

फिर देखकर तुझको
कुछ देर मैं खुदको पा लेता हूँ.

करता हूँ बातें तेरे साथ मैं इतनी,
हस के तेरे साथ मैं फिर से जी लेता हूँ..

तू वो पहचान हैं मेरी जो कोई नहीं जानता..

तू वो मुस्कान हैं मेरी जो कोई नहीं समझ पाता..

तू वो अन-सुनी कहानी हैं मेरी जो शायद कभी ना ख़तम होगी..

तू वो फ़रियाद हैं मेरी जो शायद खुदा को अब तक ना पोह्ची होगी..

नहीं होगा ख़तम
तुझसे मेरा रिश्ता कभी..

जुड़ गयी-सी हैं तारें
मेरे दिल की कुछ तुझसे युही..

तू वो गीत हैं मेरा जो ये दिल हमेशा गुन गुनायेगा..

तू वो धड़कन हैं मेरी जो मेरे सिवा कोई और ना महसूस कर पायेगा...

Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Balance

if we never fell in the darkness,
then why would we seek the 'light'?
if we never ever felt sadness,
then how would we know where our 'happiness' lies?

if we never faced lies,
then why wouldn't we hold anything higher than the 'truth'?
if there was no death,
then why would we value this 'life'?

if there was no betrayal,
then how would we know what true 'friendship' is?
if we never cried for someone,
then how would we know who is our heart's true 'love'?

if sometimes things didn't look impossible,
then why would we believe in 'miracles'?
if miracles occurred everyday,
then why would we fold our hands and look up and 'pray'?

"how important everything is!"
told above by a few 'ifs' and 'whys'
"how a perfect balance exists"
in every creation of the Almighty, 

from this earth to the skies..

so think again..

if we never did anything wrong,
then how would we know what is 'right'?
if we never sensed unhappiness,
how would we appreciate our most beautiful gesture, we call 'smile' :)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Shores Of Life

a constant battle rages,
something's gonna give soon..
ever rising waves of desires,
come crashing into immovable rocks of reality..
emotions rise and sorrow seeps in,
the cracks within sanity further deepen..
there's a continuous gush of truth,
a growing incision towards the inner core..
the sun sets. the light soon disappears.
faith dwindles to nothing..

moist winds blowing from the sea,
carry the tears away,
"calm down" they say,
"soon it'll all be okay"..
a flame flickers. a bonfire is lit.
hope finds a way..
patience is the call of the hour,
soon there'll be a dawn of a new day..

tears give way to a smile,
it's just another day on the shores of this life...

Friday, 13 January 2012

move on..

why look back?
when today stares at you..

why not move on?
you've learnt a lesson, haven't you?

holding on will never help,
take it all within your stride, you build your strength..

now understand this gift and flow,
this life's given you one more chance to grow..

so go wipe those salty tears,
cause you've already faced your worst fears..

the light now shines brighter than before,
you're set free from the darkness in which you once were..

Monday, 9 January 2012


continuous wandering
constant pondering
hundred questions
thousand directions
million faces
zillion facades
winding journey
steady discovery
ongoing wars
eternal battles
inner struggles
mighty hurdles
greatest quest
Self Conquest