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Falling freely through seas of emptiness. Tossing, turning, drifting, lifeless. At the speed of light. Lost all count of time. Seeping thro...

Monday, 20 July 2015


One look is never enough.
The eyes are only prisoners to its spanning magnificence.
Its ethereal presence
Peerless appearance.

Staring away, I'm lost in its horizons.

And then it grows on me..

The sheer expanse of the velvet glazed laces put together into this magical carpet.
Glistening and shimmering.
Ominous and overwhelming.
Captivating and engulfing.
Liberating and soaring.

Waving out as if it recognises me.
Roaring aloud as if it's calling out to me.
Washing ashore and sinking my feet.
Opening a portal and teleporting me deep.
Cutting me off from the chaos of this illusion called reality.
Submerging me into an unadulterated silence of divinity.
Plunging me into the solace of eternity.
Bathing me in the after glow of epiphany.

I sense a bond. A pull so strong.
Between the cosmic universe and the life force that's been inside me all along.
Whispering voices into my ears.
Revealing secrets that diminish my anxieties and fears.

Answering questions to this life and its meanings.
Defining the purpose and enlightening me with its teachings.

Believe not what I see outside. But in what is felt inside.
For the voice of the force can only be heard with closed eyes.

Let go of the pain and sorrows.
For my soul too is an ocean that will always flow. Even through the narrows.

No presumptions. No apprehensions can ever hold me back.
I can defy the past. Clear blue skies and rainbows are tomorrows forecast.

Today in this form. And tomorrow I'll be gone.
A new world. A new journey accompanied by a new song.

Let me just take in the beauty as I foray.
Into a new beginning. A new end followed again by a new day.

Every other has been set onto his own path.
I'm not to judge or cross.

But to reflect goodness as it is the only thing that will last.

Do my every bit for love without any expectations.
So my heart won't have any regrets later nor any lamentations.

What I receive shall be my reward.
Whether I gain or lose what I most adored.
It shall be a boon in disguise.
Even through pains I will again rise.

The force that brings forth the light from the darkness,
The force that manifests the existence out of  nothingness,
Is the same force that lives through me to meet its purpose.

The oceans always offer the answers that I seek.The life force itself seems to have transformed into the mystic seas.
The heart takes over the mind.
The soul instantly connects with the higher power and combines.

My apprehensions suppress. My worries evanescence.
Enlightened and relieved I fly over the ocean gleaming in resonance.

The sea never has ignored me.
Wide open its arms always consolidified me.
Encouraged,  empowered and  amplified me.
Enchanted, enhanced and simplified me.

And one look is never enough.
As the eyes are instantly in submission to its expansive wisdom.

Sunday, 5 July 2015


Falling freely through seas of emptiness. Tossing, turning, drifting, lifeless. At the speed of light. Lost all count of time. Seeping through the sub zero temperatures of space, leaving behind a trail of frost and despair. Headed towards nowhere. Weightlessly floating through the dark matter. Lost in a dream where I am finally united with her. The visions appear at random. Vivid, peregrine and inviolable. The darkness gives way.

Thousands of miles away, her scent sends every corner of me into a tumultuous frenzy. Her zealousness clasps me as the claws of a heathen fire spitting dragon unleashed to decimate every bit of me.  I have waited many a centuries for this. Yearned for this moment since as long as I can remember. I give in to her monstrous pull.

She's a precious jewel in this vast blackness. Glowing & shining from far far away. Conquered and routed out, every pulse of my conscience is in servile submission to her indomitable radiance at once. I am drawn to her as a mindless wasp towards the Venus. I am whirled towards her, unbound, uncontrolled. At the speed of knots, I cover vast distances in matter of seconds. No heavenly body can hinder my course. My lust for her skin is uncontainable. I'm dragged towards her in willingness. Nothing can stop me. No, not even the entity called god.

I can no longer contend this wait of ages as I approach her atmosphere. Her aura sends tremors wreaking havoc through me. Coming out of the eternal cold, her touch makes me realise the meaning of warmth. I feel alive after a millennia of twilight. My pulse flutters. My veins explode. Sparks go off. No friction can stop me now as I am lit up brighter than the sun. I caress her layers of softness as I come through with self destructive velocity. I am her shooting star. Her arms open wide as she embraces me as I am.

This is how I always picture it in my every dream. And the trance continues.

This is the end of me as I knew. It is my rebirth as I now know.

The chain reaction doesn't take too long. The surface of the sun burns with as much intensity as she impinges on me. I head towards my inevitability. From a ball of flames to a bright white spark, I turn to ashes and rain down upon her, lighting up her skies, bringing down shimmers of satisfaction.

I merge with her.
Alas, I am one with her.
With life again
I am replete.
I am not a lone soul anymore.
I have found my gravity.