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Falling freely through seas of emptiness. Tossing, turning, drifting, lifeless. At the speed of light. Lost all count of time. Seeping thro...

Friday, 13 July 2018

My star!

No i dont wanna know anything more about you..
What i've seen is enough,
What i feel inside answers it all..

After all how much do i need to know about the stars to admire them?
The heart simply rejoices everytime it catches even a glimpse.
It doesnt matter then, if they are even a million miles away..

And how does it matter why do they glitter?
N for whom do they shimmer?

No, I dont wanna know anything more about you.
Im just happy to see you up there shining in my skies..

Saturday, 19 May 2018


तू धूप, तू छाव
तू ही मरहम जो भरता हर घाव

तू समंदर, तू किनारा
अपनी कश्ती का तू ही सहारा

अपनी मंज़िल तलाश्ता,
इस शेहेर से उस गांव

क्यू लगता है तुझे की तू है गुमशुदा?
तेरा तो हाथ थामे है खुद वो खुदा!

इस सफर में दर-दर किसे तू ढूंढ रहा?
अपना हमसफ़र तो तू खुद है, तुझे इतना भी नहीं पता?

Monday, 2 April 2018


May be you're not who you want to be
May be you don't know what you seek
May be you're far from your reality
But may be this is your destiny
If you're lost, so be it.
What you are now, just live it.
Forget the past. Embrace the new.
Conceal your pains. Enjoy the view.
What you've lost, you can only gain by giving.
All the darkness inside, can instantly be defeated by smiling.
Just be the best you are, for everyone around you.
Do your bit for everyone and one day your purpose will find you.

Monday, 26 February 2018


कल मिली थी जो तुम
इस दिल ने दिमाग पर ताला लगा कर चाबी हाथों में ले लीं थी.

ज़ोर ज़ोर से घुमा रहा था अपनी उँगलियों पर इसे
जैसे कोई भावरा गुलाब पर भिन-भीनाता हो .

पर आज ये चाबी मिल नहीं रही.
Please Check करो , कल कही ये चाबी तुम्हारी ख़ुश्बूं  में  तोह नहीं फसी रह गयी.