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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

jaadu zindagi ka

Gumm si hai, yeh aankhen teri,
Koi cheez hai yeh talaashti..

Dheemi si sarsarahat ab shor banne lagi,
tere dil ko hai pukaarti..

Kuch toh hawaaon mein hai jaadu sa,
Jo faila har taraf..

Dikhta nahi wo sabki nazronko,
sirf mehsoos karein teri palak..

Sama ley is ehsaas ko,
Issey dil mein basa ley tu..

Itni haseen lagey yeh zindagi ab,
Bas Jeene ka maza ley tu..

Let's just fly..

Why fear failure?
Why be afraid to fall?
Why turn back from what is unseen?
Why lose our heart before we've tried it all?
Why go down the same roads, when we know where they lead?
Why not bear the sorrows today, for a tomorrow of inner peace?

Why not be Michael, to look at ourselves and make the change?
Why not be David, and believe in the power of our sling?
Why not be Jordan, and take our flight?
Why not be Alexander, and cut the entangled knots of life?

Let's forge our own path where our heart treads to..
Let's have faith, we will come through...

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Until you fell in love

You never did what others din't, 
n then you believed..

You never believed you could,
n then you leaped..

You never liked the rains,
n then you danced in the storm..

You never thought you could sing,
n then you wrote a song..

You never could see beyond,
n then you saw God..

You never experienced miracles,
Until You Fell in LOVE :) :) :)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Shayari 4 - Hum Kho Gaye

Kuch na keh ke bhi, tum itna kuch keh gaye.

Zindagi ke lamhe, kuch der tham se gaye.

Bhula ke saare gum, kuch pal hum bhi muskura liye.

Kuch aisa hi jaadu tha aapki saadgi ka, jisme hum kho gaye.

Shayari 3 - Meri Roshni

Is tanhai mein bhi teri parchai hai, 
aur is dard mein bhi hai kuch sukoon..

Door ho kar bhi, na jane kyu lagta hai,
har taraf faila hai tera noor..

Tujhse mili mujhe ek roshni si hai,
zindagi meri ab, kuch hass uthi si hai :)

So much further yet to go

New mysteries unravel everyday.

New obstacles come up my way.

Life doesn't fail to surprise me one bit, 
it's got something more to show. 

I got so much more to learn,
so much further,
yet to go.

This Hope Still Survives

A sleepless night, spent trying to find answers, 
which would only reveal with time.

I look up at the sky, not a star to guide, 
there's only the darkness of the night.

But this hope still survives....

Even this sadness has a role, 
even this pain will make me grow.

For all things were written before time,
there's a touch to them, that is divine.

So when the sun rises tomorrow, 
this heart will again smile.

And this hope will still survive..

Morning Sky

From d darkness of d night, emerged a faint blue light. 

As if God himself had spoken.

What seemed lifeless, now seems to have awoken.

The smell of fresh air, 
The touch of the cool wind, 
Sound of the birds taking a flight to conquer d skies... 

This morning has it's own magical high! 

Blessed we are to lie beneath this sky. :)

Sachi dosti

Yeh safar kabhi na ho khatam, 

Yu-hi aap humse milaye kadam. 

Sachi dosti, khushnaseebo ko hasil hoti hai,

Shukriya! Aapko is khushnaseeb ka. :)

Dil par yakeen

Kitni khwaishein hai teri,
Kitna kuch karne ki chaah..

Kuch gum sa ho gaya hai, is zindagi ke mele me,
Is bheed ne dal diya hai tujhe ek jhamele me..

Par Tu hausla na haar,
bas apne dil ki tu sun pukaar.

Yeh hi to hai tera saathi sachha,
manzil milegi, tu iske sangh ja..

Bas haath rakh, tera is dil par,
Yakeen badh jayega tera khudpar... :)

Shayari 2 - Rang Zindagi ka

Is jeevan ko aap apney rango se kuch yu bhariye...

Dekhe ye duniya aapko, aur bole..

Yeh hi toh hai rang khushi ka.. yehi hai rang zindagi ka..

O saibo... Zara hum par bhi thoda sa rang chalakiye :)

Friday, 5 August 2011

shayari 1 - Jo hain Apney beech

Mere naina jaaey tarsey, tere bin dil har pal hi tadpey..

Tere sangh hi din the guzrey.. Tere bin ab yeh adhurey..

Joh hai apne beech na koi aur samjhey..

Bas hu main, tu, aur yeh lamhey :)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Gift Called Life

We've been given this gift called 'Life'.

Let's make the most of it, before we say goodbye.

They say - 'it's life that attracts life'..

The more we want, the more we'll find..

So stop walking,,

Let's run and jump high..

Let's scream - "We Are Alive"!!!

Let's live so free, under this blue sky..

Let's spread our hands and feel the winds blow..

Be one with this world, together let's grow :) :)

Let's be So Reckless in love..

Let's forget what we get, 

let's give it all..  :)