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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

jaadu zindagi ka

Gumm si hai, yeh aankhen teri,
Koi cheez hai yeh talaashti..

Dheemi si sarsarahat ab shor banne lagi,
tere dil ko hai pukaarti..

Kuch toh hawaaon mein hai jaadu sa,
Jo faila har taraf..

Dikhta nahi wo sabki nazronko,
sirf mehsoos karein teri palak..

Sama ley is ehsaas ko,
Issey dil mein basa ley tu..

Itni haseen lagey yeh zindagi ab,
Bas Jeene ka maza ley tu..


  1. it would be good if you use hindi translator for hindi poems, so much is lost in translation...

  2. Could you translate this poem to English, please? I would like to know what it's all about :)

  3. chintan@ din't get u.. u suggest i shud put the posts in hindi alphabets? leme knw..

  4. Mia@ The thought behind this poem is that, there is a magic/energy/force that lies among us. We have sensed it, and we know it lies out there, but not truly felt it. We can't explain what this energy/magic is, but we know it exists.

    The magic is like the feeling of god n his love for his creations and realising this and that we all are linked.. If we realised this, it would change our outlook towards life, make us happier, wiser and more comfortable and open to other beings around us.

    It goes like -

    Your eyes seem to be lost,
    In search of something unexplainable..

    A faint noise within, now grows into a loud siren calling out to your heart..

    There's some magic in the winds,
    that spreads all across..

    Your eyes don't see it,
    But you sense it deep below..

    Soak this feeling within you,
    Make it a part of you..

    This life looks so beautiful now...
    Just flow with it now, just enjoy the joyride..

    I havent been able to make the english version sound, anywhere as good as the Hindi version.. The Hindi version is decent, and brings out the meaning in a more poetic form..