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Falling freely through seas of emptiness. Tossing, turning, drifting, lifeless. At the speed of light. Lost all count of time. Seeping thro...

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Let's just fly..

Why fear failure?
Why be afraid to fall?
Why turn back from what is unseen?
Why lose our heart before we've tried it all?
Why go down the same roads, when we know where they lead?
Why not bear the sorrows today, for a tomorrow of inner peace?

Why not be Michael, to look at ourselves and make the change?
Why not be David, and believe in the power of our sling?
Why not be Jordan, and take our flight?
Why not be Alexander, and cut the entangled knots of life?

Let's forge our own path where our heart treads to..
Let's have faith, we will come through...