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Thursday, 3 September 2015

The chosen demons!

In hell they lay,
till they escaped and found haven in here,
And so they came and came in thousands.

They sent to grave the helping hand.
Murdered Palestine and took over its lands.

Put them in prisons with walls so high.
In Zion's name, committing these crimes.

Given them a life that even animals don't lead.
A living hell, for mercy they plead.

Illegal occupation and settlements of the Zionists only grow everyday.

While the world sleeps, Palestine shrinks away.

Lives of others aren't as precious as theirs.
And the bodies keep mounting. With women and children it's the same affair.

A superior race with great technology.
It's bullets and missiles vs stones.The death of all humanity.

No morals, only satanic desires.
The demons cheer as they rain death by fire.

Even the world is blinded by the holy veil.
Did the scriptures foresee this day,
when under torments, the innocent would reel?

No respite, no refuge for the children of Palestine,
The devil fills his chalice with their blood and devours it like wine.

A Promised Land this is.
For the ones exiled.
But for the humanity that burns,
Only ignominy is what defines..
One day,.
Yes, one day!
You shall pay for your crimes!!