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Falling freely through seas of emptiness. Tossing, turning, drifting, lifeless. At the speed of light. Lost all count of time. Seeping thro...

Monday, 26 August 2019

The Quest

The thing is, as much as you want to have it. You cannot. 
It must find you. And believe me, one day it will.
Amidst the dull there will again be serendipity.
Amidst the chaos there will finally be tranquility.

Knowing or unknowingly we all have set out on a quest.

Through the light and the darkness,
through good and the evil,
through life until death,
we make our journey in search of our purpose.




Friday, 13 July 2018

My star!

No i dont wanna know anything more about you..
What i've seen is enough,
What i feel inside answers it all..

After all how much do i need to know about the stars to admire them?
The heart simply rejoices everytime it catches even a glimpse.
It doesnt matter then, if they are even a million miles away..

And how does it matter why do they glitter?
N for whom do they shimmer?

No, I dont wanna know anything more about you.
Im just happy to see you up there shining in my skies..

Saturday, 19 May 2018


तू धूप, तू छाव
तू ही मरहम जो भरता हर घाव

तू समंदर, तू किनारा
अपनी कश्ती का तू ही सहारा

अपनी मंज़िल तलाश्ता,
इस शेहेर से उस गांव

क्यू लगता है तुझे की तू है गुमशुदा?
तेरा तो हाथ थामे है खुद वो खुदा!

इस सफर में दर-दर किसे तू ढूंढ रहा?
अपना हमसफ़र तो तू खुद है, तुझे इतना भी नहीं पता?

Monday, 2 April 2018


May be you're not who you want to be
May be you don't know what you seek
May be you're far from your reality
But may be this is your destiny
If you're lost, so be it.
What you are now, just live it.
Forget the past. Embrace the new.
Conceal your pains. Enjoy the view.
What you've lost, you can only gain by giving.
All the darkness inside, can instantly be defeated by smiling.
Just be the best you are, for everyone around you.
Do your bit for everyone and one day your purpose will find you.

Monday, 26 February 2018


कल मिली थी जो तुम
इस दिल ने दिमाग पर ताला लगा कर चाबी हाथों में ले लीं थी.

ज़ोर ज़ोर से घुमा रहा था अपनी उँगलियों पर इसे
जैसे कोई भावरा गुलाब पर भिन-भीनाता हो .

पर आज ये चाबी मिल नहीं रही.
Please Check करो , कल कही ये चाबी तुम्हारी ख़ुश्बूं  में  तोह नहीं फसी रह गयी.

Friday, 17 November 2017


Khamoshiya fir tujhe pukaar rahi hai
Tanhaaiya fir tere mere beech ki dooriya mita rahi hai

Khada kar deti hai tujhe mere dil ki adalat ke kathere mein, yaadein teri

Gunehgaar hai tu meri, jaanti hai tu bhi, bayaan kar rahi hai, aahein meri

Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Let's not pretend.
We cannot be friends.
Have sensed the surge in our hearts.
Things are already set into motion, they cannot be stopped.

Let's not forget.
We cannot win this fight.
Have sensed our desires simmer.
Melting away all self control, as the night takes over.

Let's give in to darkness of the night.
Let us break all our vows that keep us tied.
Let's unleash the fire that burns within.
Let us sizzle in this moment as if this was our very end.
We'll rise n fall with scorching passion n play.
With the howling wind we'll dance and sway.
We'll be lit up the whole night.
With raging craze we'll quench our thirst alright.

Let's not fear the morning that comes.
We cannot be contained.
Have sensed that wild fire can never be tamed.
When the night returns n the wind caresses,
Sparks will go off again n we'll burn bright Just like the eternal flame..

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Another leaf in the book of soulmateship

From the highest high to the lowest low
A push of fate n the roller coaster let go
From the greatest joys to the saddest sorrrows
A leap of faith and we dived into the unknown
Got our adrenaline pumpin
Our heartbeats raced outta control
We touched the stars
And even basked in the after glow
In many a dreams we met, even before we came face to face
We had already known each other, even before spoke and shared our name
It just took a glimpse and the connection was made
It just took a moment and the bond could never break
A touch of one another, and our bodies sizzled
Lightning had struck us, even without a drizzle
Caught unaware, we least expected
Our dormant emotions, had suddenly erupted
And with time, we saw the signs
When we looked up, even the stars aligned
Then out of nowhere, appeared the fireflies
Lighting up the darkness, even the omens seemed just right
So to each other we gave our hearts
And in our instincts, we laid our trust
On the rocks by the ocean, we made our promises
And we set out, in our boat of hope and a sail of faith

Words bridged our two worlds
Syncronicities filled the void within our souls
There was no looking back
There was no one to ask
What was between us
No one could ever understand
And we crossed all the limits
we broke all the rules
We flew over the clouds
we stepped on the moon
The oceans and the winds
The trees and the mountains
Stood testimony to the purity that bloomed
Never to be forgotten
Never to be erased
Imprinted within the sands of time
Our memories will always remain

Another leaf in the books of soulmateship

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

A La Seine

Hand in hand
We lay in the summer sun
The warm breeze running through our hair
Cut us off from all the worries and cares

As our eyes danced and our fingers played
Our entangled hearts just couldn't break away
It was magic in every way
Even Paradise had come down this day

We dreamt with our eyes open
And wandered the universe freely
A La Seine (By the river Seine)
We realised, we were all that we needed completely

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Injustice Undone

They shall burn in dragon fire
Their corrupt hearts shall be purified with dragon breath 
Under the wings of the dragons, darkness will surround
A storm of vengeance shall be unleashed
Fire will rain down from the skies
Lava will cleanse this land of faux humanity

They will know what terror is
They will know what helplessness is
When there's no remorse
When there's no escape
They will remember the cries of the innocent
They will remember how they eliminated the weak
The wailing of the mothers and fathers holding the corpses of their dead children, will ring in their ears constantly
The charred skin of the families and towns they burnt down with phosphorus will blind them.
Innocent blood spilled all over the streets will blur their vision.

They will know it is the end
When the dragons roar
When the flames incinerate their palaces built on the tombs of the innocent
When the flesh beneath their feet begins to melt
When their blood thickens
When their eyes begin to sizzle
They will repent the sins inflicted upon the innocent
They will know it is the end
Justice will rain down from the skies
There will be no place left to hide
The floodgates of hell will be thrown wide open
The souls of the oppressors will be sucked through their ashes
The dragons will come
The innocent will be avenged
They will obliterate the war machines that feed the greed of the ones in power
They will decimate the fortresses of the devil worshipers
They will bury the star far beyond its remembrance 

What they did to others, now awaits them
All their plots will fail
Their narcissism will be smothered into the ground
The molten pits will swallow them alive
The dragons will come
Injustice will be undone