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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The higher truth

You laugh at me and mock my obsession with the goodness of the superheroes, saying how could I be so childish? That I need to grow up! That, religion is the only way for one to look towards. For superheroes are silly and fictitious. For there is nothing higher than Religion. That Religion is the only truth.

But do take a little time and think before you preach Religion to me.There are so many Gods & so many Religions. And all are supposed to be true. I can't go against any of them, or I too will be declared a fool. And where do these Gods exist? In reality? or in fiction of our mentality? Aren't they the Gods of All Worlds? Or of just one single community? Will only a handful of their followers be allowed into paradise while the rest are thrown into the fires of agony? When righteousness, goodness and the correct way of life is what they all impart then why have their teachings not ended the wars of centuries? Blinded by the aura of these Gods we all follow their divine religions. Their heavenly guidelines only seem to have widened the gap between their worldly disciples. Religious sentiments only seem to have led to the murder of humanity. Logic has been thrown into oblivion. Common sense has taken a back seat. And while we are busy fulfilling the expectations of our sacred religions this earth suffers at the hands of its devout ardent followers. The Guardians of Religion have failed humanity. Religion has outshone goodness. Religion has lost to evil. Religion has coalesced with money and power and now reigns supreme. Religion has our society bound in its clutches. We need to be free, to think, to do and to be.

At least in fiction lies a world where a hero rises and becomes a beacon of hope and betterment.
He is born out of our own need to defeat the darkness within.
He is born out of our own need to root out the corruption around us.
He is born out of our own need to set an example the whole world could follow.
He is born out of our own need to fight for justice when our own systems crumble into mere hollow shackles.
He is born out of our own need to fill the gaping void with empathy, selflessness, righteousness and goodness.
He is born out of our own need to reinforce the faith of people in God and his goodness.
He is born out of tragedies, lost all that was dearest to him and taken a vow that no more should any other suffer his fate.
He is born out of miracles that come true not for him alone but for humanity as a whole.
He is born out of the power of the sun that inspires us to give without the expectations of getting anything in return.
He is born out of an undying and relentless force of goodness that will never stop.
He is born out of oneness that sees all faiths, castes, races and colours in one light.

Naive I may be to be fascinated by these superheroes. But, when Money, Power and Religion divide and break the society into blind empty souls, it is the ideology of these superheroes that fills this hole. Theirs is a clearer picture to look up to. Their vision is the ideal pedestal to step up to. From here we can surpass the steep religious boundaries and transcend to the higher morals of the Gods. We are Gods men and it is our responsibility to spread his goodness. What purpose could he have created us for after all. Religion, I believe is not the truth that we must follow, but we must rise above to see the higher truth, we must walk the path of the gods, we must strive to be the mirror image of the Gods, we must spread their goodness, we must bring out the superhero within.