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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Warrior - |

our life is a battle ground where we are continuously fighting situations that keep coming up at every step.. 
sometimes we succeed, and some battles we lose.. so many factors affect our decision making.. 
some decisions are such, that change our lives forever.. but the journey doesn't end here..
- giving birth to a warrior within us..

The battle may be lost,

but his heart still beats..
The wounds are grave,
but his courage soon heals..

When life gets him down,
he holds on to his beliefs..
He knows its a long struggle,
so he fights till he's back on his feet..

And when the dark clouds surround him,
he stares into the lightning.
The pouring rain, the thundering and storms
they fail to stop him, his will grows strong..

His dreams were part of his reality,
so close to his heart, filled with purity..
A part of him dies within, 
being selfless is not easy..

His shoulders hunch 
under the weight of responsibilities,
He lets go his dreams for the greater good,
for the love of his family..

He knows this ain't the end of it all,
his sacrifices will bring happiness for all..
So he smiles, even in face of adversity,
Cause beyond his pains lies his victory..

And the warrior goes on,
his eyes filled with tears..
With his heart shredded,
his fight's not yet ended..

- followed by Warrior ||


  1. How true it is that you've compared our life with the battle filed and we as warriors fighting each day with all the courage. Just like a warrior doesn't give up his struggle to fight against his enemies, a person who fights everyday with all the life's struggles and live life forgetting his pain is a true warrior. Fantastically written by you!

  2. I can so relate to it. I think most of us grow through phases where we feel the fight is daunting, but there is always hope. Beautiful poem and it is very moving too.

    1. Rightly said . we must never give up. Amen.
      Thanks for reading :)