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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Shores Of Life

a constant battle rages,
something's gonna give soon..

ever rising waves of desires,
come crashing into immovable rocks of reality..

emotions rise and sorrow seeps in,
the cracks within sanity further deepen..

there's a continuous gush of truth,
a growing incision towards the inner core..

the sun sets. the light soon disappears.
faith dwindles to nothing..

moist winds blowing from the sea,
carry the tears away,
"calm down" they say,
"soon it'll all be okay"..

a flame flickers. a bonfire is lit.
hope finds a way..

patience is the call of the hour,
soon there'll be a dawn of a new day..

tears give way to a smile,
it's just another day on the shores of this life...


  1. Towards hopelessness to Hopeful. From tears to smile. From darkness to light. Its all a cycle. One after the another.

    Good luck.

  2. Another beautiful post!!! Very well done my friend!!

  3. thnx so much daisy.. glad u liked it :)

    thnx kunal :)

  4. It was so easy to picture this. Lovely poetry :)

  5. This was so easy to picture :) Lovely poetry :)

  6. I second Philo :)

    Keep writing...

  7. Yes:)! The gorgeous shores of life! Beautiful once again:) very well done!!

  8. "a flame flickers. a bonfire is lit.
    patience is the call of the hour,
    soon there'll be a dawn of a new day.."

    Awesome lines! you pen lovely poems! :)

  9. thnx a lot jen.. means a lot to me :)