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Monday, 19 September 2011

We are One

For long we've been blinded.
From the truth staring us in the face everyday.
It's all around us,
but we've blatantly chosen to ignore it.
Our heart senses it,
but we're deafened by the noises of our earthly desires..

Once we free our minds of perceptions,
Once we open our selves to possibilities,
We would be touched by the light of truth..
N then we would see it..

We are one..

The endless skies and the vast blue seas..
The vanilla clouds and the froth whipped waves..
The mystic heavens and the ethereal mountains..
The spiraling galaxies and the winding rivers..
The life giving sun and the life supporting  earth..

We preached them long before,
We believed their powers could cure.
We seeked their guidance all along,
They lead us to our evolution.

We are one..

Born from the same particles that created our world,
Attached to the same strings that hold the cosmos..

We are one..


  1. Indeed, the message "we are one" is so true.
    It's just something that most people don't understand... not even I from time to time.

    If only we could find a way to stop fighting.
    If only we could find peace.
    If only we could stop pointing "them" with fingers.
    If only we could find the word "us".
    If only we could stop blaming each other.

    If only we could find a new greater way
    instead of a revenge painted with the blood of one of us...

  2. i wanted to write sumthing similar to what u wrote down.. but was a bit lazy.. n u wrote it :)

    beautiful mia...

    one day we will.. be one :)

  3. Yes, indeed we are one and that is the sheer beauty of life, of this entire universe, of which we are a part and we gather all our energy from this vast reservoir.

    This beautiful piece got me reminded of this quote I read long back..

    This we know: all things are connected
    like the blood that unites us
    We do not weave the web of life
    We are merely a strand in it..
    Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves..

    Thanks for sharing.. :)

    1. it's a lovely quote..
      d meaning so profound..
      wish everyone kept this in mind at all times.. :)