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Sunday, 19 February 2012

our minute world..

Even as we speak,
enormous planets are being destroyed..
gigantic stars are being engulfed in shallows of darkness..
colossal galaxies are coming colliding into each other....

So small we are,
tiny, minute and minuscule,
a race called human beings,
being run by our own humongous egos, desires and worries..

We see nothing beyond our ownselves,
we hear of nothing beyond our own wants,

We are part of this larger entity comprising of
the countless astral bodies,
the endless undiscovered phenomenons,
the incomprehensible creations which are far more complex...

Yet the complexity within us seems to be greater!
Yet we do not have the slightest of humility within us
to accept a truth much larger and beyond our petty issues!
Yet we continue to run ignorant of the truth that lies stark in our eyes!

And even as we speak,
massive planets are being born all over the universe..
the light from the blazing stars is reaching the farther corners of the universe..
the swirling cosmic galaxies continue to expand far beyond the universe of our imagination...


  1. WoW! Beautifully penned and the contents are so true! So many people live in their own small, selfish world . . . oblivious to the colossal things emerging outside of themselves . . . great post and images!

    1. thnx so much fiona.. we all need to remember the largeness of gods creations n however big our problems may b, we r yet so small.. i haven't done jsutice to d topic,, but m glad u liked it.. :)

  2. Hii..
    It feels nice to know that in this ornamental world people like you do have time to look beyond themselves and take out time to pen something as magnificent and thoughtful as this..Keep up the good work and more than that the spirit you portrayed here..god bless.. :)

    1. bless u too puji :) really appreciate it.. ur words r lovely n v inspiring :) in the run for smaller material things people tend to forget d simpler n larger facts.. wud like u to read this post as well.. it's on similar lines:


  3. I loved how you started it, and how you ended it :) Amazing. Yes, people are selfish, and we are all too caught up in our own words. Great writing :)

    Damn, I just wish that eminem was there to sing your rap :P It was Aweeesome :D

  4. Bohot bohot shukriya :) :)
    it's just a minute observation..

    glad tat u liked d rap :)

  5. Kayanaat yunhi banti bigadti rahegi, ham ek adna si zindagi ji kar chal basenge.... :)

  6. Hey =)
    I really like this poem. It speaks so well. And it is so true, we are always worrying about ourselves, very individualistic rather than looking beyond, above and below, God is indeed the creator. Thank you for sharing this. Well written.

  7. This is such a soulful expression.