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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

खाली कमरा

एक कमरा अब तक हैं खाली, मेरे दिल के किसी कोने में.

एक आरज़ू अब तक हैं बाकी, मेरे ज़हन के गेहरे अंधेरे में..

जहां अब तक बिखरा हैं उजाला, तुम्हारी रौशनी का,

जहा अब तक फैयली हैं खुशबू, तुम्हारी हसीं की..

खुशियों से भरी यादें तुम्हारी खेलती हैं यहाँ,

तुम्हारे रंगों से रंगी दीवारें अब तक हैं जवाँ..

ना चाहते हुए भी, इस कमरे के दरवाजों पर मैं दस्तक दे ही देता हूँ..

भुलाकर भी तुझको, मैं तुझसे फिरसे मिल ही लेता हूँ...

In English:

There's a room that's yet empty, somewhere in the corners of my heart..

There's a desire that's yet alive, somewhere in the darkness of my conscience..

Where scattered yet lie the rays of your brightness..

Where lingers yet the fragrance of your smiles..

Your memories full of happiness yet play around over here..

The walls yet alive, from the paint of your colours..

Unwillingly I yet land up knocking on the door..

Even after having forgotten you, yet again,
I meet you once more..


  1. Mesmerising words, there's always something special abt writings in Hindi. :)

    1. chuu leti hain dil ko yeh zubaan :)
      thnx so much ria :)

  2. Don't know why but this gazal 'ek akela mausam aaya' is coming to my mind after reading this. This line is amazing,

    "तुम्हारे रंगों से रंगी दीवारें अब तक हैं जवाँ"

    Beautiful work!

    1. thnx so much Saru.. just heard Jagjitji's ghazal -"Ek purana mausam lauta" u mentioned.. It's beautiful :) there's so much heart in his songs..

  3. Hmm I wish I could understand =P, you have been tagged: http://danasdiarysecrets.blogspot.com/2012/03/eleven-tagged-questions.html

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hey dana.. thanx for the tag.. will reply on your blog..

      have translated the poem for you above.. Have a look.. The english version is no where as good neither has the depth as the hindi/urdu version..

  4. Indeed so true thoughts about the memories of someone we hide at some corner. Memories so sweet like that would always be a beautiful remembrance which we cannot forget no matter what. Lovely words!

    1. thanx so much Elvirah..
      some memories are hard to forget.. they are yet beautiful and yet alive :)

  5. Some memories are beautiful and yet utterly haunting.That's one irony of life,I mull over..
    Lovely words.. :)

    1. so true puji..
      a beautiful irony, this life is.. :)
      thanks alot :)

  6. Hey Sohail,

    Read it again and it's beautiful :)
    Keep writing.. :)


    1. Thanks so much Puja!
      These r phases of life tat v all pass through..
      Hope i can write something on a new phase!