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Monday, 16 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises: Preface

Ludicrosity had ravaged the city.
Insanity had been pushed to its limits.

But it's been calm for a while since then.
Peace and order returned after a great battle and many sacrifices.

The loss of Dent has been grave.
His turn to the two-faced monster could not be seen as victory of the unjust.

Even though he turned against the very society he lived to protect.
The image of the Harry Dent had to be salvaged no matter what.

Dents delinquencies needed to be covered up at any cost.
The people needed to keep their belief in "goodness" intact.

The law desperately needed to stand clean in everyones eyes.
The City still needed to hold on to the dogma of a "White Knight".

So, I took the fall for him. 
I hid into the darkness once more for them.

His blames I took upon me.
And I became one of those very criminals I had fought and brought to justice.

I became the outlaw to protect that very law from shattering into pieces.
And lay hidden in my lair watching from here as the streets no longer needed me.

It's been calm for quite a while now. Peace and order have returned at a great price.

But a mysterious gas seeped through.
The heart grew numb. No pain it feels. No remorse it knows.

With every blow.
It spurts more venom.

The wind has picked up.
The air has gotten thicker.

An unwanted evil is about to be unleashed.
A threat lingers on the verge of eruption.

A storm is coming.

So I don this cape of shadows once more.
I must stand up to my calling.

Once again I must take the fall.

so I can


  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  2. Ahha! Timely! So looking forward to the third part. And a atad bit sad about the end of the triology.

    1. It's sad that it has to end..
      but m sure the class of this trilogy will be untouched for decades..

  3. This is profound. The words are fitting aptly here...:)

  4. Nice words and with a bit dramatic pictures.

    Thanks for your nice comment and visit:-)
    Hope you have a happy weekend!

    1. Thanx..:)
      D weekend was nice..
      enjoyed d movie :)

      hope u watched it too..

  5. WOW! :O

    This poem was like watching a movie. Very thrilling!

    BTW, I have tagged you for Liebster Blog award. Here's the link:

    I am hopeful that you'll make a visit. :)

    1. Thanx dear..
      The movie was thrilling as well..

      thanx so much for d nomination.. very kind of you :)

  6. I still have to see the last part. I loved the pictures. Well put words :)