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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

judgement day

twisted minds
vested interests

pockets filled with money
hearts full of emptiness

a life lived off treachery and deceit
a lifetime rendered meaningless

with charred souls
conscience plummeting into a deep dark hole

But before him it all unfolds.

your slightest thoughts,
the smallest of deeds, the slimmest intentions

your biggest secrets, your darkest sins,
no longer can be hidden behind your viel of innocence

Before him all stand helpless.

he sees all
he knows all

his sheer brightness is blinding
your eyes bow down in shame

what good are your lies now?
they shatter to pieces.

You had your chance
he showed you the way

but you chose not to obey
rather than to go astray

now nothing you can do
for the time has come when you must repay!

Before him all is worthless.

you chreished it,
you desired it the most
you spent all of your life chasing it,

but it all stayed behind in your pockets
And the sins you committed
creeped down into your casket

what face will you show to him
deprived of all morals
not a spec of dignity

And now you beg endlessly?

But justice will be delivered swift and mercilessly
Your greed and ignorance will indeed cost you utmost dearly

For he owns everything.
His power is extreme.

Before him we all kneel.
For he is the Almighty,
the All Supreme!


  1. A world build on grounds of lies and fake pride will crumble down one day for sure.
    How wonderfully written Dreaming Wanderer!
    All hail the almighty.

    1. thank you so much sui..
      this is sumthing tat every religion preaches and yet man repeatedly fails to understand..
      all hail d almighty :)

  2. He knows it all indeed. :) My relationship with him has become of love and hate...sigh

    1. we may find him unjust.. but in d end he knows best..
      hope all's good wid u.. tc :)

  3. OMG! that's such a lovely post..I am at loss of words after reading such a wonderfully emoted and accurate account of human life..
    it's absolutely true that no sinner can escape the sentence pronounced by god in his court at the end of a lifelong scrutiny , which he isn't quite aware of in the entire course of his life. :)

    Keep up the good work, dreaming wanderer!

    1. glad u liked it puji..
      d feelings came out after watching a dear friend suffer cus of a fraud done by another close friend of his.. how can ppl b so shameless n forget that their karma will decide their fate in d end..
      thanx for ur compliments dear..
      God Bless .. :)

  4. God and life and its ways. Profound work. I loved the pocket and casket paragraph. Powerful imaginary.

    1. thanx so much saru :)
      it's sumthing known by everyone n yet forgotten..

  5. How true. In front of the Almighty, we're nothing. Yet people consider themselves to be powerful.

  6. Dreaming , so powerful words in here..