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Friday, 29 June 2012


Silent eyes gaze the world around.
From what they notice,
deep within they stir the conscience.

Where the blazing flames of emotions mold
all that is within the conscience into feelings.

And no barrier is strong enough
to hold the heavy fumes of feelings swirling rigorously within the furnace anymore.

Just a shadow of sorrow is enough to send ripples that turn to wrinkles across the visage.
A trickle of a tear is all that is needed to make the fumes erupt.
A ray of sunshine is enough to bring the poet out of his grave.
The beauty around screams out aloud enticing a glee from the eyes.
Light of love and attraction travels faster than light itself to light up the darkest corners of the heart.

The fumes of feelings vent out
vigorously taking form of words.

Led by continuous observation taking shape of learning and beliefs.
Where learning and beliefs become the architects of allegories.
Where allegories are infused with metaphors.
Where ironies coalesce into epigrams
Where feelings give birth to verses, rhymes and poetries.

And words set you free..


  1. Words surely set you free and as someone said to me long ago, they are dying to come out of you. I loved the line where you wrote a ray is enough to set the soul from grave. Very meaningful!

    1. words spark off the fire,
      give fuel to our actions..

      i thut so u'd connect wid this post, as it's also d name of ur blog.. :)

      thnx saru..

  2. Beautifully expressed. Isn't this why god has given us so many senses? To put out all those things out. Words is one such sense. A way to pour out after the lava blast within. I had to read this twice, but hard hitting!

    1. thnx jenny.. all of us here on this blogging space wud agree to what u say.. Words are our way to reflect and spurt out our feelings n emotions..

  3. Very well written!
    "A ray of sunshine" is enough for a lot, especially here in the north.
    Words are a precious gift.
    Reminds me of this very good from Proverbs
    "Words kill, words give life; they're either poison or fruit-you choose."

    Thanks for your visit and nice comment:-)

    1. words are very powerful indeed..

      loved your photography! :)
      will keep checkin-in on ur blog for a dive into nature..

  4. Words to set us free. It's an escape route :)
    Good choice of words :)

  5. What we can't say, we write; what we can't express by actions, we write. The deepest of our emotions finds its escape through verses. That is why so much comes out we write poems and nothing will come out if we don't have the right feelings to compliment it.

    Very well said Dreaming Wanderer!
    Have a good day! :)

    1. thanx so much Sui ..
      u said it rite.. n it's d same for all of us here blogging away..

      God Bless :)

  6. This is very beautiful , every line...counts ! love this line-

    Where feelings give birth to verses, rhymes and poetries.

    1. feelings give birth to verses, rhymes, poetries which in turn give birth to action! :)

      we all connect to it.. Thanx Angel :)

  7. Words do set us free, don't they :) Long time since I visited.

  8. first visit, and im impressed :)
    Good work :D