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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Rainbow again

Between d colors black and white, there exist shades of grey..
Between what seems wrong and right, there exist complications that weigh..
Even though d rainbow appears every once in a while, there is a long wait..
Even though we see where the road goes, we may yet choose another way..

Because every color has shades to overcome,
Because every decision has complications to be undone..
It's a long journey we all have to make,
And there's a new learning in every step we take..

May the dark clouds fade away..
May it rain and clear the way..
May the light of truth shine through..
May the colors of the rainbow again we view......


  1. :) profound and a positive outlook...i like it :)

  2. thnx chintan :) really appreciate it..

    thnx vishal..

  3. @Dream wanderer check out my paintings on my blog http://www.naimishaaranyah.blogspot.com the paintings are also poems not in words, but in colors :)