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Saturday, 15 October 2011

kaisey kahu?

Na dekh paau dard main kisika,
Kaisey banu main gunehgaar apno ka?

Jisme hai khushi sabki, wahi raah ab sahi dikhe..
Par zindagi meri ab toh mujhe hi paraaeey lagey..

Yeh zubaan bhi dil ka haal kaisey bayaan karein?
Hain jo dil mein, woh bas aankhon se bahein..

Teri hi yaadon mein rehtey din yeh doobey,
na tujhhse kuch  main keh saku,
na iss dil ki koi aur bhi suney!!


  1. bahut khoob :)

    i have had a phase when i used to write on these lines...contrary to what vishal says, i do not mind if there is pain in the poems..so what if there is? pain is just another emotion and you are free to pen down, even if it is painful...

    The Blunt Blog

  2. Thanx chints :)
    Yur rite..
    hv just captured an emotion over here..
    n like everything else, emotions also change..
    n ur emotions help bring about a change in u too..

    vishal - yes, we all shud seek happiness..