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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Mohabbat ke nashein mein doobey

Khushnaseeb hai woh jo
mohobbat ke nashein mein hai doobey..
Zindagi unki hai kitni khoobsurat
koi aur kya samjhe?

Unki tarah agar sab
pyar ki madhoshiyon mein rehte khoye..
Toh mehekti gulaabon ki khushbooein har taraf,
naa ugtey door-door tak nafrat ke koi kaantein..

Hota sabka ek hi mazhab
Hota sabka ek hi maksad
Mil-ke sab khushiyaan manaate..
Mil-ke sab roshni faylate..

Hotey agar hum bhi khushnaseeb,
Roz iss zindagi ke jaam ke peetey hum pyaaley..

Hotey agar hum bhi khushnaseeb,
Toh mohobbat ki nasheelee gehraiyon mein hum bhi doob jaatey..


  1. This is and i think will be one of my favs for a long long time. Maybe because it makes me feel an addiction for pure true love which has always drawn me.
    Its beautifully written and as i always say, i love your hindi verses.

  2. thanx mich.. :) There's magic in love, n that's what makes u like this poem so much.. :)
    my poem's very much ok,, but the meaning is quite strong n true..
    thank u so much for ur kind and greatly encouraging words :)
    Really appreciate it..