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Tuesday, 13 November 2012


U suffer, u crawl, u fall, u lick d dust.

U cry, u plead, u crumble n ur ashes are one wid dusk..

Everything that was your world dies with u.

All d attachments, all d feelings, all d meanings, everything gets buried deep within u.

Pain n torments n d rising emotions scream out so loud.

Dat d loudness begins to seem rather mild. It fades into an eventual silence.

A silence tat gives birth to an eternal numbness.

A numbness that shadows over ur fears n worries n transforms into an innate strength
that you never knew existed.

D darkness doesn't seem so dark anymore. 

D loneliness doesn't creep u out no more.

U fear nothing.. 

There's nothing left to lose.

U only live for wat matters most.

Ur every breath makes you want it even more than b4.

Ur vision is clearer.. 



D only escape from the bottom of this pit is


D only direction ur left wid is 



  1. Beautiful words put together. This last lines reminds me of Jesus..

    Hope you have blessed days:-)

  2. Deeply moving words! These words tell me that this is how you encourage yourself to keep on fighting. It is very inspiring really. I am going UP now. :)

    1. yes Sui.. it's a conversation i hav wid myself sumtimes..
      thanx so much 4 liking it :)

  3. Beautifully expressed!!!!
    Very thoughtful
    Your blog is indeed distinct from the rest :)