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Saturday, 24 November 2012


With every step n every click of the clock.
From every sunrise to our little finger entangled moonlit walk.
This bond grows a lil' stronger,
and I hope this journey with you lasts even longer.

The sail so far has been a pleasure with soothing tides and refreshing cool winds.
A voyage that has been filled with many a joys, realisations and learnings.
Your beauty transcends to your soul.
Your light touches deep down to my core.

Your energy is what keeps me going.
You're a contagious livewire, ever sizzling and always dazzling.
You found perfection in my imperfections.
In spite of my infinite short comings you still made me worthy.
I'm happy and blessed more than I could have imagined.
As I put my trust in him, and it's Gods will that has now blossomed.

I have discovered a new me, being with you.
I have grown and promise to strive harder to be better in every way towards you.
Immense respect and love is what I hold for you.
You're beyond words.
Far beyond precious and the material desires of this world.
You're beyond special.
Just like a blessing.
My Zee..

- d occasion being - my first Anniversary :)


  1. many many Congratulations on your wedding anniversary..you people look great together..god bless! :)

  2. Congratulations!!! ✿

    I hope that you have shown this poem to your beloved. These occasions are an excuse to show how grateful we are to have someone so dear by our side.

    I wish for very many happy anniversaries for you to come and that with each passing year the bonds become stronger and stronger. ^◡^

    1. yes i did, n thankfully she liked it :)
      thnx so much for ur lovely wishes sui.. :)

  3. Congrats , God bless you both !

  4. You are really blessed! <3
    Beautiful poem! I love it

  5. Smiled all the way through this. Congrats :)

  6. Finding someone who fits the puzzle is the greatest feeling indeed.

    +To Me It Matters+

    1. Thank you so much.. Its all Gods will, and little work n adjustments from your end to make things work better.. :)