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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

my stupidity

wat is big 4 u, may b small 4 me..
wat is crime 4 u, may b forgettable 4 me..
wat is must 4 u, may b a mere formality 4 me..
wat is pain 4 u, may b a punishment 4 me..

sumtimes i may fail to show,
cus ur already a part of me..
ur beyond wat is shown to others,
even u know u lie deep within..

i know its my fault,
its just d way i am..
being formal is not wat is me
being perfect is not a possibility

i may take u 4 granted,
but tat's just cuz u r me..
so pls don't trouble urself,
i accept my stupidity..


  1. Its not stupidity but a difference of perspective. Just be what you are rather than try to be what others expect you to be.

  2. Please donot use sms language for such good poetry. kills it.

  3. @chints - i actually actually feel stupid bout dis mistake i made n d hurt i gave..

    so i wrote d verse dat way..

    sh@s - v shud change a bit for d ones we like.. a bit.. Not completely i agree..