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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Injustice Undone

They shall burn in dragon fire
Their corrupt hearts shall be purified with dragon breath 
Under the wings of the dragons, darkness will surround
A storm of vengeance shall be unleashed
Fire will rain down from the skies
Lava will cleanse this land of faux humanity

They will know what terror is
They will know what helplessness is
When there's no remorse
When there's no escape
They will remember the cries of the innocent
They will remember how they eliminated the weak
The wailing of the mothers and fathers holding the corpses of their dead children, will ring in their ears constantly
The charred skin of the families and towns they burnt down with phosphorus will blind them.
Innocent blood spilled all over the streets will blur their vision.

They will know it is the end
When the dragons roar
When the flames incinerate their palaces built on the tombs of the innocent
When the flesh beneath their feet begins to melt
When their blood thickens
When their eyes begin to sizzle
They will repent the sins inflicted upon the innocent
They will know it is the end
Justice will rain down from the skies
There will be no place left to hide
The floodgates of hell will be thrown wide open
The souls of the oppressors will be sucked through their ashes
The dragons will come
The innocent will be avenged
They will obliterate the war machines that feed the greed of the ones in power
They will decimate the fortresses of the devil worshipers
They will bury the star far beyond its remembrance 

What they did to others, now awaits them
All their plots will fail
Their narcissism will be smothered into the ground
The molten pits will swallow them alive
The dragons will come
Injustice will be undone

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