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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Awaiting the light.

Black turns to grey and then violet followed by a hue and finally the sky turns blue.
Left on this blue conundrum, yet to stumble upon a clue.

All these colours adding up to the magic that is this perfection.
Conflicting shades, each one weaving their own mesmerising spells.

Still no dawn of realisation. Still living the petty belief of being a superior race.
Ain't it apparent? Painted on the same canvas, we are all sketches with just another face!

Every pigment, has been brushed off the same palette and yet every figment is an overflowing chalice.
Why discriminate amidst his colours, styles, shades and shapes? When they all magnify the beauty of his landscape.

A monochrome can never match the panache of this melange.
Its pulchritude is only enhanced by the vibrancy of every unique stroke.

May the rays of epiphany break through the dark clouds.
May his mosaic revel in the enlightenment of the new dawn.


  1. Hi Sohail,

    It's always wonderful to read your poems. This one's beautifully etched. I share your sentiments on equality. The world would be a better place without the prejudices and without humans thinking that they're superior than the rest.

  2. It's true of physical and metaphysical level. A beautiful and profound post.