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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

चल दे

उड़ा दे इन आसुओं को हवा में,

अपने दर्द को अपनी ताक़त तू बनाले..
क्यों देखे मुढ़ के तू पीछे,

वो तो तेरा कल था, और कल तो फिर आयेगा..

ये सब लिखा था उसने बोहोत पहले,

रास्ता आगे का भी नज़र आयेगा फिर तुझे ..

क्यू मायूसी को बैठा हैं ओढे?

ज़िन्दगी के प्याले से उम्मीद के गरमा - गरम दो घूट तू पी ले.. 

उसकी आवाजों को तेरी धडकनों में सुनले,

कर अमल दिल पर,

बस चल दे..


  1. Thats so deep..so true one shud always rely on their heart.

  2. Every day will turn into the past soon, but then some things remain and it's not easy to let go of them :)
    Lovely lines though. Simple, yet said a lot :)

    1. it's never easy to let go of sumthing tat was a part of u.. But since it's gone, U can't stop or give up.. u move on with that pain..
      thanx so much juhi..
      God Bless :)

  3. Hello Dreaming Wanderer! :)

    Finally I found your blog. Previously, I could only see your Google+ profile and I felt lost since I don't know how to work with it. Then recently I found the link to your blog through someone else's profile. It was quite a journey for me. Phew! I made it.

    Greetings and well wishes from 'Powerpuff Sui'! :D

    (that's me Sohail)

    I can no longer access my account as i deleted my google account. Have tried hard to get access to blogger but in vain..

    I will be creating a new account by next month's time. M travelling till then. Will be adding all my old mates from here on my new blog.

    I hadn't saved much of my content from here.. n it's heartbraking to leave my own blog..

    C u guys soon..
    God Bless :)

  5. Hi friends..

    Just in case any one of you'll have saved any of my poems,
    could you please email it to me at : sohail7111@gmail.com

    - Dreaming Wanderer..

    1. Hey Dreaming Wanderer!
      It's sad to know that you find yourself in this mess. About your poems, can't you copy and paste it directly from this blog? You can still view them all even if you are no more the author of this blog.

  6. I had saved most of my content in drafts.. n now i can't access my blog.. but hav managed to get most of it from the rough notes i saved up on FB..

    its all part of learning.. next blog shall hav a complete back up :)

    thanx sui..

    c u soon..

    - DW

  7. I couldn't find your profile, now I got it :) Thanks to my laptop's history :)
    Come back soon! :)

  8. Hi,
    Hope you were able to recover your blog. Do share your new link if you have created your new blog. Hoping to see you back on this space.
    Take care!