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Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Feels nice to be lost..

to notice things with deeper curiosity,
to find meaning in things I earlier did not see..
to walk on roads which never seemed existed,
to listen to the melody in the silence which grows ever more mystic..
to make the wrong turns which lead to the right ones,
to loose myself inorder to be found all over again..
to bask in the rays of epiphany,
to appreciate God for having all that I need..

N it feels nice to be lost..

to be allured by the wonders that surround me,
to admire the hidden miracles in every moment around me..
to see everyone through everyone's eyes,
to realise the oneness amidst us which lies..
to realise what matters most..
to listen to the sound of my own heartbeat..
to realise that I will never be lost
to realise that even if i am, he is always there looking down over me..

it feels nice to be lost.. 


  1. I appreciate your thoughts very much, Dreaming Wanderer and yes, it feels nice to be lost in the abyss of our own fairyland..

    Love this line very much:
    "to listen to the melody in the silence which grows ever more mystic.." :)

    1. Thanks puji... :) we actually see things more clearly n appreciate the smallest things more than before, when we are lost, not just physically but even in life..

  2. i loved this poem...........very nicely done. thanks for sharing

  3. sometimes by being lost, we can find peace within us :)
    how have you been? I'm finally back :D

    1. been travelling.. holidaying actually.. :)
      nice to hav u bak..
      cheers !

  4. This is beautiful seeing things in different perspective..

  5. lovely words...nicely crafted lines!