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Saturday, 23 May 2020


Chor aur Murderers mein difference. .

Judge Loya ko maara
Gau rakhaks ne nihatto ko maara
Demonitisation ne gareebo ko maara..
Hindutva constitution ko maar raha hai..

Bhauk bhauk ke media apne maalik ko bachaata hai.. 
Bjp spokesperson Mahatma Gandhi ke killer ko 'Godse Ji' bolti hai..
Ye log Gandhi, Nehru ko Savarkar, Tilak se lada rahe hai.. 
inke dost hazaaro crore leke bhaag rahe hai..
Aur ye History aur Road name change kiye jaa rahe hai..

Laal qilla bech diya.. next Taj Mahal bechenge..
Jo channel sach dikhata hai uske peeche ED laga dengey..
Statues aur bullet train ye gareeb farmers ki dead bodies par bana dengey..

Chai wale ne sab ko brain wash kar diya hai.. jaise hitler ne kiya tha..

Insaniyat ko maar kar ye communal state paida kar rahe hai..

Nationalism ke naam pe ye Democracy ko maar rahe hai..

Our very right to question them is being trampled upon!

Sunday, 5 April 2020

clapping n lighting

Morale up
Logic down
Hungry souls
Still walking thru town
100s of miles yet to go
Babies in arms n feet so sore. 
No hope. No candles light their way.
Some died. Some still tread on to their fate.

D skies sparkle.. Celebrations galore. 
Toddlers stop crying n look up in awe.
Shimmering windows.
Yelling wid joy.
Tears roll down as d mothers clutch their babies tight..

Will they see tomorrow
They don't know
Hunger will get them
Before d fever will show
Will someone take heed
They desperately hope
That help will come
N someone will take 'em up that slope

They are in luck, the Great Fuhrer has thought it all well through.
The crowds just adore him. 
Why are you worried dude?
First there was clapping n now the lighting. That will be followed by plenty more entertainment that's in store for all of you.. 

clapping n lighting

Friday, 28 February 2020

Ignorance is bliss!

Oh look at that food on my plate,
The crispness in this photo looks so great. 
I'm a sucker for likes. I want to show da world how happenin' is my life.

Wat? So a bunch of people died.. N millions are on the Streets takin up the fight for their right to survive..

Oh, give me a break..
They got d officials to handle these petty things.
Don't bother me, go away..
This is my page, no space for their rage.. 
I'm a dazzler, got thousands of followers that hit me up with 'love u' danglers.. 

I don't wanna waste my posts, 
people protest all the time like ghosts..
Detention centres, I don't know much about..
The ones who deserve 'em, should be struck out..
I know a few of 'em died, cuz they didn't have papers to prove they're right. 
A Soldier, a war hero, who fought the nation's war too was left out cuz his papers were wrong.. Too bad for him. I know it's flawed.

Well I'm cool with that. 
Lookout I got the chrome shades and a sassy hat. 
Posin' in da middle of da Street. Beat that. 
I'm a get atleast a thousand likes in a few minutes..
Oh wait didn't notice, but there's blood on that street from the last protest.. 
The headlines had said "Rounds fired, a dozen killed and a hundred wounded". Holy shit! They were just students!! 
The Constitution is wat they were reading out to 'em.. When the cops beat the shit out of all men.
It'll take some effort to airbrush the red paint off.. 
Glad they got the bodies moved off.. 

Gonna caption my post - live n let live.. 
I don't wanna nothing to do with this. This ain't my shit. 
I've seen the Trolls abuse, demean n block. 
Like all hell's let loose. They've got you in a shock. 
I don't wanna lose my fan base. 
I'm really happy in my own space. 

U must b crazy to think that ur gonna bring a  change. 
Don't u realise ur posts r just too violent or brutal for people mate. 
They don't want that, they want something cool n sexy.. 
I'm given 'em that, it's so simple n easy.. 

Look at this wheel m riding.. 
Its got a 3 pointed star that's shining.. 
Check ma style. M d dope. 
M da King. M da Pope. 
But I ain't gonna preach what's right - what's wrong. 
What ur morals n ethics should be. 
Tat ain't my job, just leave me free.. 

U say tomorrow it cud be me. Why?
Cuz u said tat crowds clashed, towns burnt, hatred brought down so many homes. 
Cops stayed muted n smashed cctvs while rioters hacked n recorded their acts of valiance as they broke skull n bones. 
Judges transferred, justice delayed. 
Instigators shielded, innocents blamed.. 
All this cuz someone doesn't buy their vote game? 
Cuz it's gonna affect their right to survive in thier own lane. 
When everyone's gonna be spared n they'll be shown the bars in the detention gates. 
Yes I know they've got right to protest. 
But trust the officials, they know best. 
Their schemes haven't done so bad. 
The economy derailed long ago n now it might just be the harmony n peace of the masses that'll go.. 
I understand, but still it's not my job to advocate.
Staying silent is really the best way.
My friends may avoid me n I might be detested.
The officials might get offended n I might be arrested.

Im just happy living the way I have so far. 
You may say that I can't handle the truth. 
That I'm living a lie. Thanks for ur advice but m doing just fine. 

So here's my next post :
Ignorance is bliss. 
We're all gonna die one day. 
So Keep rocking! Enjoy ur today!! 

#dontstaySilentdontbeViolent #SaveConstitution #policebrutality #communalriots #solidaritywithJamia #solidaritywithamu #solidaritywithamu #delhiRiots #COMMUNALBJP #shaheenbaug #INDIAAGAINSTNRC 

Monday, 6 January 2020

Save Constitution

क्या तुमने अपनी पीठ है थप - थपाई?
क्या घमंड से तुम्हारी छाती है फूल - फुलाई?

चला दिए जो डंडे और tear  गैस स्टूडेंट्स पर तुमने!
कॉलेजों और घरों में घुस कर फैला दिया जो अपने डर का आतंक तुमने!

डरा धमकाकर इतनी जल्दी खुशिया ना मनाओ ज़ालिम
ये आग तुमने बुझाई नहीं बल्कि इससे पुरे देश में फैलाई है!

क्या सोचा था तुमने सब सेहम जायेंगे?
डर कर लोग क्या अपने घर वापस लौट जायेंगे?

इंसानियत को ललकारा है तुमने
संविधान पर अपना गन्दा हाथ डाला है तुमने!

अपने आपको चाणक्य समझने वाले
तुमने तो सोये हुए शेर को जगा दिया है!

मास्टरस्ट्रोक से देश को उल्लू बनाने वाले
तुमने तो सारे देश को एक जुट ला खड़ा कर दिया है!

#SaveConstitution #IndiaAgainstNRC #Policebrutality #SolidaritywithJNU #SolidaritywithJamia #SolidaritywithAMU #KillerYogi

Monday, 26 August 2019

The Quest

The thing is, as much as you want to have it. You cannot. 
It must find you. And believe me, one day it will.
Amidst the dull there will again be serendipity.
Amidst the chaos there will finally be tranquility.

Knowing or unknowingly we all have set out on a quest.

Through the light and the darkness,
through good and the evil,
through life until death,
we make our journey in search of our purpose.




Friday, 13 July 2018

My star!

No i dont wanna know anything more about you..
What i've seen is enough,
What i feel inside answers it all..

After all how much do i need to know about the stars to admire them?
The heart simply rejoices everytime it catches even a glimpse.
It doesnt matter then, if they are even a million miles away..

And how does it matter why do they glitter?
N for whom do they shimmer?

No, I dont wanna know anything more about you.
Im just happy to see you up there shining in my skies..

Saturday, 19 May 2018


तू धूप, तू छाव
तू ही मरहम जो भरता हर घाव

तू समंदर, तू किनारा
अपनी कश्ती का तू ही सहारा

अपनी मंज़िल तलाश्ता,
इस शेहेर से उस गांव

क्यू लगता है तुझे की तू है गुमशुदा?
तेरा तो हाथ थामे है खुद वो खुदा!

इस सफर में दर-दर किसे तू ढूंढ रहा?
अपना हमसफ़र तो तू खुद है, तुझे इतना भी नहीं पता?

Monday, 2 April 2018


May be you're not who you want to be
May be you don't know what you seek
May be you're far from your reality
But may be this is your destiny
If you're lost, so be it.
What you are now, just live it.
Forget the past. Embrace the new.
Conceal your pains. Enjoy the view.
What you've lost, you can only gain by giving.
All the darkness inside, can instantly be defeated by smiling.
Just be the best you are, for everyone around you.
Do your bit for everyone and one day your purpose will find you.

Monday, 26 February 2018


कल मिली थी जो तुम
इस दिल ने दिमाग पर ताला लगा कर चाबी हाथों में ले लीं थी.

ज़ोर ज़ोर से घुमा रहा था अपनी उँगलियों पर इसे
जैसे कोई भावरा गुलाब पर भिन-भीनाता हो .

पर आज ये चाबी मिल नहीं रही.
Please Check करो , कल कही ये चाबी तुम्हारी ख़ुश्बूं  में  तोह नहीं फसी रह गयी.

Friday, 17 November 2017


Khamoshiya fir tujhe pukaar rahi hai
Tanhaaiya fir tere mere beech ki dooriya mita rahi hai

Khada kar deti hai tujhe mere dil ki adalat ke kathere mein, yaadein teri

Gunehgaar hai tu meri, jaanti hai tu bhi, bayaan kar rahi hai, aahein meri