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Friday, 16 September 2011


One life,
One truth,
One heart,
One path,
One power,
One god,
One soul,
One love,
One fate,
All to be lived with
One soulmate.. :)


  1. :-D when i started reading i was like alright...and then i smiled in the end :-) well done...

    One more time please....

  2. I like this poem :) it's simple, but still it contains so much more.

    But what if there is more than just "one path"? What if everyone has a path of their own but they have the possibility to take another one and leave the old path behind? What if all the people could change their fate if they wanted to do so? What if there is more than just "one fate"? What if our life is not already decided for us? What if we have so much more power over our own life?

  3. hmm.. i understand what you say..

    but when u r with ur soulmate.. ur paths would be aligned.. there would be so much understanding in between that, you be ok with his path and he would be fine with yours.. And you'l be united in your hearts and minds..

    we believe we can change our fate, I feel so too, cus we have the power to choose.. but once, you've chosen the path with your soulmate, ur fate's intertwined with his.. n its not only ur fate,, its his too.. so u both share the same fate..

    cus as soulmates.. ur one..:)